31 January 2010

Rams Out!

We got the backup rams out of the ewe pens today. The 2 backups, Desert Weyr Kevyn and Desert Weyr Kirk, and the one live cover primary ram, Desert Weyr Kai, are now in a tiny pen to get used to each other. We've found that by cramming the boys in together until they all smell the same we avoid most major fighting. We are planning to put these 3 boys plus all the ram yearlings in a small pen maybe tomorrow or Tuesday to get them all living together. Later in the spring we'll combine the old rams and the younger rams back into one big bunch.

20 January 2010

Daily Shoot Moved

I've moved all the Daily Shoot pictures to a new blog Oogie's Daily Shoot.

It was cluttering up the Farm Blog so all those posts are being moved.

12 January 2010

Winnie and the Rams

Winnie is in with the adult rams right now. She stays nice and warm in among the woolly sheep.

09 January 2010

Backup Rams In

Yesterday we got the 2 backup rams in with the ewes. Desert Weyr Kevyn is in with the live cover ewes. He immediately started sniffing and chasing them and trying to mount the ewes but none are in heat.

Desert Weyr Kirk is the backup for the AI ewes. He went in and they all started to chase him and he ran away. He is rather low on the totem pole in the ram pen and I think he thought he was going to be butted. However by the evening he had figured it all out and has bred 3 ewes for sure with a fourth looking like she is coming in to heat.

These boys will stay with the ewes for 3 weeks and then they come out.