27 June 2010


Rambo the bottle baby is doing great. He comes up for his bottle but then races back to his buddy and sheep mom. Ken is the dinner provider though.

Doing well for being flat when he came out.

26 June 2010

Baby Dinner Chickens

The new batch of dinner chickens is growing really well. They are very robust and healthy. Should be tasty when they grow up.

25 June 2010

Moving Sheep and New Hay

We moved the sheep to the other side of the orchard today and discovered that very new lambs are able to climb back through the divider fence. We managed to get them all back but it was a bit of a challenge.

Hay is finally being delivered. The cold spring made first cutting very very small. It's going to be difficult to get enough hay for winter at this rate.

20 June 2010

The Lambs

I believe that we are now done lambing. There are still a bunch of ewes left to lamb but none have significant udders. The AI experiment seems to have really messed up their cycles. But then if we knew how to make it all work it wouldn't be an experiment, right?

Ken & Kimball

New Lambs

19 June 2010

Current Lamb Scoreboard

We're getting near the end of the possible lambing time. Sure hope a few more of these girls produce lambs!

18 June 2010

Lambs, Rambo & a new fence

Ewes and lambs are doing well. All of the lambs are of very good quality but we still have a bunch of ewes that we hope will lamb.

The lambs are learning about the electric fences. But some just look especially cute as they rest.

This is Rambo

He is now on mom number 4, Ken, who is the only one able to get him to drink. We don't have very many bottle lambs here, he is our 10th in 12 years, so we are not skilled at raising them. Rambo was upside down and backwards and by the time I got him out he wasn't breathing. Ken got him going and when he stopped breathing several times Ken got him going again. So now Ken has a small wooly child. Rambo is doing well now.

We are getting another internal divider fence built and this is where it will go. We had to move the gated pipe to give Larry room to build the fence. It should be done by the end of July.

08 June 2010

June Pasture

The pasture is spotty. The combination of the cold spring and the problems with irrigation are making it hard to grow good grass this year. But what is growing is good quality.

Looks like we might have some apples. The June drop has not happened yet but so far we do still have some fruit.

07 June 2010

King of the Hill

The adult rams are all out on pasture. We have a carefully hoarded pile of dirt that has become the focus of much pushing and shoving by the boys who are trying to be the top ram.

04 June 2010

Pastoral Scene

Pregnant or hopefully pregnant ewes on pasture.

01 June 2010

Building Fences

We decided to build a welded wire fence around the front pear orchard field portion that we hayed last year. That will give us 2 grazing paddocks in that area. We would normally use electric netting but these need to be safe for the rams and they tend to get caught by the horns in the netting.

Here Ken is using the tractor to move a pile of the panels down to the edge where we will start building the fence.