13 July 2011

Yoda's Lambs

Desert Weyr Yoda is one of our pet wethers. He is usually fat enough that he looks like he will lamb.

In this case as Ken was checking the sheep he noticed that Yoda had managed to snag a set of twins to care for. Mom, Desert Weyr Briallen seems glad to have an additional babysitter.

Yoda and his Lambs.

09 July 2011

Lambing is Over

Our 2011 lambing season is over. 58 nice lambs but way too many open ewes. Desert Weyr Logan will be guest of honor at Revolution Brewing later this year in smoked kolbassi sausages. He didn't get a single one of his ewes pregnant. The other ewes will get evaluated. They were all part of the AI experiment and may not have had a chance with a live ram during a full heat cycle. I have some calendar homework to do to figure that all out. Some will be culled for teeth issues anyway.

06 July 2011

Pot of Gold

Rainbow on Garvin Mesa

04 July 2011

Independence Day

4th of July, grass is looking good and the lambs are growing very well.

The saying in Paonia is if Mt. Lamborn has snow on the 4th of July it's a good water year. This is a very good year, our cold spring and heavy snow means plenty of irrigation water for later this summer.

02 July 2011

We Woke up the Chickens...

With apologies to C.W. McCall,

Sleepy hens and tired chicks.