31 March 2010

Happy Chickens

With the snow mostly gone we can let the chickens out to scratch and get bugs and grass. They sure enjoy being out of jail.

30 March 2010

Spring Maybe?

Nearly the end of March and we may be seeing spring, I hope.

29 March 2010

Protective Dogs

Winnie is in with the rams and doing a very good job. She is our most protective and aggressive dog but we really appreciate her attention to her sheep.

27 March 2010

Shearing Done

A bit late with my blogging. But we finished the shearing for the year. Several fleeces sold off the shearing floor. Skirting will start in the next few weeks and be up on our web site for sale later.

23 March 2010

Getting Ready for Shearing

We got the shearing set-up built yesterday. We rebuild the catch pen and shearing floor each year under the hay barn. As always it looks like we will have snow and rain for shearing. So I am yet again scrambling to see if I can keep all the sheep dry. We will shear 137 this year on Saturday.

10 March 2010

March Snows

More snow.

This is the lane under the hay barn. The fence on the right is 4 feet tall.

So far the rams haven't decided to try to escape. The hay seems to be keeping them occupied. It's going to be a very muddy spring when all this melts.