31 May 2010

Some of our Wildlife

Magpie - We have hundreds of these birds. While pretty they also can steal a lot of dog and chicken food.

This is a marmot in the rock wall.

25 May 2010

Culinary School Visitors

We had Culinary School of the Rockies students here again this year. I didn't get pictures of both groups. We had 2 sets of students, each group for 2 days. We evaluated sheep, trimmed toes, built fence and sorted sheep.

Good way for them all to lean about the cost of food and where good local food comes from.

Here are some of the students after we finished building fences.

23 May 2010


Early morning Lambscape. The lambs are learning how to play on the rock walls. It's great fun. I always worry they will fall or get hurt but so far they all do just fine.

Looking out over the pasture towards Mt. Lamborn early morning light.

21 May 2010


We have several man made ponds on our property. They provide emergency fire suppression and irrigation water as well as drinking water for the livestock.

This is the guest house, shop & Red Barn.

This is the main house and hay barn.

This is our lower pond. It has a liner so the electric tape is to keep the horses from going in and puncturing it.

17 May 2010

Waiting For Lambs

Some of the ewes are just huge.

Meanwhile the lambs are really growing.

What a face.

Twin sisters out of Beatrix.

Lamb gangs are forming up now too.

This ewe was checking out my lamb bag but I caught her.

Lamb checking out the mineral feeder.

16 May 2010

Lambs & Me

Today we had a nice set of twins.

Here is a self portrait, with the sheep grazing in the background of our front lawn.

15 May 2010

13 May 2010

Major Snow , AGAIN!

Woke up this morning to more snow.

BUt at least this one is more normal for our spring, by afternoon it had all melted. No new lambs in the snow which was nice.

08 May 2010

Apple Blossoms & Mt. Lamborn

Mt. Lamborn is looking nice. Looks like a good water year.

Our apple trees are all blooming now. Hope we get some fruit this year.

06 May 2010

New Fence Done & Wide Loads

The new middle divider fence is now finished. It looks wonderful and will be a much better fence than our temporary welded wire one.

The sheep, on the other hand, are really looking like wide loads. I hope they lamb soon, they are really getting big.

05 May 2010

Cinco de Mayo


Looks like it will be a nice day today.

02 May 2010

Even More Snow!

May and we are still getting snow. This is unusual. Most sprung snows will melt the same day. As it is we are feeding out a lot more hay on pasture to keep the sheep warm.

Even the dandelions are confused by this weather.

Becky in the front where her sheep are.

By late afternoon it was melting and Orange took the opportunity for a fresh drink.

Some of the 2010 lambs.

Coal Peak

Mt. Lamborn